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How to Make Your Computer Run Faster

Every computer user or PC may have felt that the performance of the computer he uses everyday gradually decreased, whether it's a startup / boot slower, often have a hang, crashes and other problems that reduce computing comfort.
How to Make Your Computer Run Faster

How to Make Your Computer Run Faster

It is natural to happen considering the hardware and software that is often used also has decreased performance. In terms of hardware, as time passes these devices are degraded due to regular use, however, because the lifetime of an object has a certain limit and gradually will be had a dysfunction. From the software side, too, the use of which can degrade the performance of regular, often encounter hangs, the application does not run properly or even fatal error. Other causes such as viruses and unwanted malicious programs can make a PC system indicates a fatal error. If it happens so, the last option is reinstalling the operating system.

5 steps to make your computer run faster.

Before all these problems occur, we preferably perform a periodic maintenance, at least the PC that we use everyday still have stable performance and comfortable to use. Here are 5 steps to make your computer run faster.

Clean Up PC System Periodically.

The first thing to be done to start the maintenance is to clean up our PC system. Frequently used PC would save any log files for work, temporary files such as memory dumps, clipboard, internet cache, the thumbnail cache, registry entries and so on. These things can slow down the performance of your PC system because the memory must organize and index it. There are many maintenance programs that can be used from freeware to paid programs. One of the most popular and free programs is CCleaner from Piriform Ltd.

Scan PC System Periodically.

When we often surf in cyberspace, moreover frequent access to 'untrusted site', it will increase the possibility of the unwanted programs to infect our PC systems. Such as viruses, trojans, malware, spyware and other malicious programs. Antivirus program should always be updated to anticipate the infection of malicious programs infected our system. Scan the system periodically, also scan removable drives such as flashdrive before we open it to avoiding of bringing malicious programs from other computers that ever connect to the drive.

Defrag Hard Disk Periodically.

Hard drive is the primary storage on our PC where the system installed. As time goes and frequency of use, the file fragments in the hard disk have a change of venue or clusters so that the processor requires more time to read and index it. Do scan first, if the defragmenter programs indicates that fragmentation has exceeded limits then do the defragmentation process. There are lots of disk defragmenter programs offered, and these can be seen in my next article to learn more.

Uninstall the Unused Programs.

If more programs installed on your PC, it may cause a decreased performance. So, get rid for unused programs by uninstall it, because it only spending space on our hard drive, overlay process in the memory and its existence just slowing down the PC system. Another impact is wasting of battery resources, especially in the notebook that use a battery as power source.

Startup Configurations.

Startup configuration can be performed by typing 'msconfig' in the 'run' dialog box from the start menu, or by pressing Windows + R keys simultaneously. On the services tab, check the "Hide all Microsoft services" and lefts the services out of Microsoft services. Uncheck the unnecessary programs. In the startup tab, uncheck the programs that are not required. This process actually not disable these programs permanently, but these programs did not running when Windows startup, and running only when we open it. Thus the boot process becomes shorter and faster.

Periodic maintenance can restore your PC system, though not 100% restored like new installed. But at least the good care can make the performance of the system keep stable and we still work smoothly without any interruption. Thank you and hope this helpful.
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